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Alex Jay Hamm

I’m a Winnipeg based magician, sleight of hand student and balloon animal artist. It is my goal to amaze, entertain and shock the world around me. I started my magic career focusing on magic that would amaze adults. Then after many requests, I built a show that catered to children. Along with this came balloon animals which quickly became a huge hit amongst young and old. Because of this timeline when I perform at a child’s birthday party I encourage all the adults to watch and enjoy the show as well, and when I’m performing for a more mature crowd I’ll always have something up my sleeve to entertain the youngest in the room.

I’ve performed for parties, in restaurants, at malls, senior centers, festivals and numerous times at Rumor’s comedy club.



Balloon Animal Twisting


Balloon animals can be used in many types of events such as BBQ’s, Children’s Christmas parties, per-schools, Fundraisers, store openings, birthday parties, restaurants, and festivals. The great thing about hiring a balloonist for your party is we make a very colorful appearance and spread color as we perform. Kids are drawn to the bright colors and are amazed with the finished product. Actually sometimes the parents seem as impressed as the kids. Plus the kids will get to take something home along with the memories of the event. Even though I might be hired to do balloons for the kids I’ll always have a trick or two up my sleeve to keep the parents entertained when necessary.



Close Up Magic


One of my favorite things to do is perform magic close up for small groups at a time; this makes the magic more real, more personal and a more unforgettable experience. As a close up magician I can be hired to visit tables during dinner or while guests await their meal. I do very astonishing walk around magic during cocktail hour as well. I am a great addition to any party and I will make the event a success by adding an unexpected level of entertainment. My magic style for adult parties is a very classy and smooth performance like nothing you’ve seen before. I work solo and perform my duties without causing any extra stress to organizers. I require no introduction, I simply show up and start amazing and astonishing.



Kids Magic


I kick off my kids show with a burst of excitement and some sleight of hand to make sure everyone is paying attention. Then I follow with mind blowing magic that will entertain every child and adult alike. I end my performance with balloon animals for the kids. The total show runs for about an hour and a half. My kids show is a very relaxed style performance because after all this is a party. I can perform my kid shows in living rooms, restaurants and even outside on a nice day. I involve the kids in many of my effects and even pick on the parents from time to time. This being said my biggest goal is to entertain and maintain a relaxed worry free environment for the family and friends to truly enjoy the magic.

Birthday parties, Weddings, Socials, Festivals, Family reunions, Work parties, Meetings, Banquets, BBQs, Restaurants, Client appreciation days, Preschools, Elementary schools, Bar mitzvah, Debuts, Golf tournaments, Trade shows, Cocktail parties, Fundraisers.


I do the following different types of shows:

-Close up strolling formal magic
-Close up strolling kids magic
-Magic show kids only
-Magic show adults only
-Magic show all ages
-Balloon animals


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