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Cheeky the Clown


During a beautiful array of stunning fireworks in the fields of Central Manitoba, four years ago, Cheeky the Clown arrived in Winnipeg. This outrageous purple haired clown has been promoting smiles, giggles and laughter wherever she goes.


Cheeky’s sparkly wit matched with her clever charm entertains kids of all ages.


With zany costumes designed by none other than Cheeky’s House of Fashion, her faithful companion “Notme” accompanies her and her handsome sidekick “Spot the Giraffe” on the road. Cheeky has been a guest at birthday parties all over Winnipeg and some outside of Winnipeg. Celebrating her young friends’ birthdays is one of Cheeky’s greatest joys.


Cheeky made balloon animals at the Valley Gardens Carnival and then met Santa at the Christmas party a few months later. Face painting at a company picnic in Assiniboine Park to directing traffic at Canada Day celebrations in Portage la Prairie. Wowing audiences with balloons at the Broadway Street Festival, Transcona Hi Neighbor Festival, Buffalo Barbecue and others.


Cheeky’s talents include face painting, glitter tattoos, of course balloons, clown magic and sing along. Cheeky is still discovering more talents she has day by day.


Cheeky’s #1 Life Rule is
“It’s all about the Smiles!”



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