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Gary Liao – Pro Face Painter


Gary Liao:


I have been drawing since the age of 4. It was one of many things that were almost always encouraged throughout my entire life. Grade school, Junior High, High School, Art Lessons at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and numerous hours spent just drawing. As an adult though it is much more challenging to find time to just enjoy this hobby.


About 10 years ago, I started to develop an absolute love for children. Not just dealing with them or tolerating them but treating them as people or little adults. Joking around with them and dealing with them as an equal. Time and time again, when I interact with children, they are almost instantly put at ease and know right away that, when appropriate, I do not take myself too seriously.


Since I started my face business roughly 8 years ago I have painted many faces and had many different clients. They usually find I am pretty easy going. I show up at least in time, act professional and always an absolute hit at whatever I am at. The look on the childs’ face when they look in the mirror when I am done is priceless. To me it is like Christmas morning every time. Seeing their absolute, (sometimes)innocent transformed faces is what it is all about. And to be paid on top of that is a bonus.


And is who I am, what I do and why I love doing it!


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