Santa Claus

Ed Benner a.k.a. Santa (Jolly Saint Nick)


Ed Benner:


Santa Claus I first started out portraying Santa at Polo Park, some 17 years ago. Since then, I have been Santa at The Forks, Kildonan Place and through a talent agency. I love making people smile and laugh. There is something very magical about being someone like Santa.


When I arrive at a house or even a large gathering of kids, I am not dressed up as Santa. I look around the room and see all of the kids and their parents & friends having fun, but anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive. As soon as I ring my sleighbells, the kids start to sing and call out my name, ‘ Santa, Santa ‘.


The room before I come into now as Santa was so quiet compared to now. Kids are yelling, ‘Santa, over here. ‘ Cameras are busy clicking off multiple pictures in a row from all angles of Santa and his kids. Looking into every child’s eyes and hearing what they want for Christmas is unique and special. They will always remember talking to Santa in their house, not just at a department store. That kind of excitement only Santa can bring.


That is what I offer. That special something deep inside that money can’t buy. Knowing that Santa came specially to my house before he went to his house in the North Pole is a feeling a child will never forget, nor a parent also. (wink, wink)


It’s never too early or late to call and book me as your very own Santa this year.


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