Sleepy The Clown



Sleepy The Clown


Any day I get to be a clown is a better one in my book. I have been entertaining people as Sleepy the Clown for the better part of twenty years and I want to make you smile! Sleepy has appeared at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Kidsfest, Festival of Fools and internationally in Dubai in 2015. No matter what you might be looking for for your event Sleepy the Clown is ready to provide!



I love balloons. They are like 3D puzzles I get to figure out. I love the challenge of making new and exciting things out of balloons. And I bring this love of balloons to every event I attend. Whether you need single balloon classics like dogs, bears or flowers to epic sized cartoon, tv and movie characters, I am your clown. And i will entertain and fascinate while I twist. I will try anything once, twice if you feed me.

But don’t stop there! I also decorate with balloons! Balloon costumes, dresses, arches, columns and wonderful centerpieces tailored just for the occasion. Making your special event even more special.


Walkaround/Roaming Clown

Whether you need a juggler, magician or just silly comedy I am your clown. A roaming entertainer is a great way to bring fun to the masses without the stage. Walkaround is a great way to add that special touch to your event.


Stage Shows

The show that has it all. Juggling, magic, clown comedy, rubber chickens, balloons and fun for the whole family. A surefire hit for schools, Christmas parties, company picnics and every other kind of event.


Birthday Parties

My bread and butter and what I get hired to do the most. It is the best of all I do. You get a 20-30 min show with al lthe bells and whistles. Followed up with balloons for the kids. I also like to make a larger centerpiece balloon for the birthday child based on their favourite cartoon or tv character. All this and more usually last about an hour and a half and is designed for 15-20 kids. For parties with more children An extra hour of balloons might be advisable.

This is just a sampling of what Sleepy the clown is available for. I am keen for new opportunities and new experiences in my life as a clown. I look forward to performing for you soon!


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